Tailormade Brilliance

We handcraft extraordinary jewellery with passion, precision, and brilliance. Our mission is to capture the essence of a significant moment in life, creating a timeless piece of art that can be cherished for generations.


We collaborate and create with passion. From the initial consultation through to the final design, we genuinely love every aspect of our work. No matter the challenge, we find inspiring ways to bring our clients’ stories to life.



We cut with careful precision. Each facet and curve is a testament to the quality of our craft. We know that beautiful things are created with hard work so we give even the most subtle elements the attention to detail they deserve.



Our jewellery shines with timeless brilliance. Decades of experience lay the groundwork for our distinct creations. We use our rich knowledge of all that dazzles to make every piece perfectly tailored to the individual, as an expression of art.

Bespoke Creations

The promise of passion and precision

Every piece we create is handcrafted. Whether an art piece, everyday jewel or your bridal collection, we begin our process with a consultation with our master jeweller,Jason Barbas-Voillaume. You share your ideas and we listen.

Our craft. Your brilliance.