About Voillaume

The Promise of Passion and Precision

Passion and precision are the cornerstones of founder Jason Barbas-Voillaume’s approach to jewellery.

From an early age, Jason was exposed to the beauty of gems and jewels. He fell in love with the richness of the craft and the way, with great care and attention, moments in life could be captured in a single, distinct, striking piece of jewellery.

After years crafting for some of the world’s most exclusive jewellery houses such as Graff, Cartier and Boodles, in London and Milan, Jason began to create pieces from his home base in New Zealand, launching his brand, Voillaume Jewellery.

Long standing relationships with many of the top stone dealers across the globe, ensures access to the very best diamonds and coloured gems; the heart of every piece.

Voillaume Jewellery stands for quality, timelessness and expression through the brilliance of jewels. It is the promise of passion and precision in each and every one of the exceptional pieces created.

The Process

Every piece we create is handcrafted. Whether an art piece, everyday jewel or your bridal collection, we begin our process with a consultation with our master jeweller, Jason Barbas-Voillaume. You share your ideas and we listen.

We then express that conversation in drawing; concepts that encapsulate the character of the piece we will create for you.

During the process we continue to collaborate, sharing photos and updating you are the process takes form.

Jewellery should last a lifetime so we take time to ensure it represents you.